Guatemala - Creating Jobs for Garbage Dump Scavengers

Imagine being part of a community of thousands of people living off of one of the largest dumps in Latin America. PEER Servants partners with Casa del Alfarero (Potter's House) in Guatemala City to enable those living off of the dump to receive business training and access to a loan to start or grow their own micro-business. They may initially see themselves as "Scavengers", but with the services of Casa del Alfarero and God's love, they come to see themselves as "Treasures". Your gift allows the Guatemalan people to have a much brighter future and allows Casa del Alfarero to expand their services to other materially poor people living in like settings outside of Guatemala City.

An average initial micro-loan in Guatemala is $150. You have the option of providing a gift that could cover this full amount or smaller gift options that could cover a portion of this amount.

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