A Great Father's Day Gift June 01 2016

Shopping for Father's Day isn't easy, especially when it seems like dad has just about everything. What about honoring your dad with a scholarship to a hardworking, promising materially poor young man who wants to learn to become a carpenter and provide for his family?

No one can forget Super Typhoon Haiyan and its evastating impact on the Philippines. The young men you see in this picture were some of those God used more than any to make a difference. Just months before the typhoon, these young men were idle - many of them caught up in alcohol, drugs, and women. Then they heard about a vocational training program offered by The Center for Community Transformation (CCT), PEER Servants' Filipino partner. In 12 months, they took four 3-month residential courses in carpentry, electric wiring, plumbing, and masonry. They not only graduated, but they studied further and became government-certified to teach others in these four courses. Shortly after the Typhoon, it was these young men who were sent to Tacloban to train the local men there how to rebuild their homes. In so doing, they were not only rebuilding homes, but they were teaching the men in Tacloban a skill they could use for years to come to provide for their families.

There's even more to the story. While these young men took their courses, they were also being discipled in what it means to become a follower of Jesus. They graduated not only with technical expertise, but with a passion for extending God's kingdom and becoming good husbands and fathers.


The total cost for a 3-month carpentry, electric wiring, plumbing, or masonry course at CCT is $500 - covering all tuition, room, board, and discipling expenses, While that is an amazingly low price, no worries if it's more than you were thinking of spending on dad's gift - scholarships in $25, $50, $100, $250, and $500 amounts are available. Click here to choose a life-transforming gift honoring your dad. After you check out, we'll send you an email that allows you to customize a card we'll send to your dad with your personal message.

Thanks for making this Father's Day very special!