Make Your Day Very Special! February 19 2015

Perhaps you came to PEER Servants Online Gift Catalog looking to give someone else a gift, but how about you?!  Do you have a special event coming up - birthday, promotion, anniversary, or the like?  Why not direct prospective gift-givers towards a gift you'd really like?

We've made it real easy.  Just choose at least one of the gifts included in this catalog and include the URL(s) in your email to folks letting them know what you'd really like.  They click on the URL and will be brought directly to your desired gift(s).  If they choose, they can direct us to send you a card celebrating your event and letting you know about their gift.  (They will get an email after their purchase with a link to give us the information we need to send the card.)

Thanks for taking advantage of every opportunity to extend a bit more of heaven to the materially poor.